Clean Magazine Like Website

WE ARE POLLEN, one of the most famous agencies in Europe. Their website was featured website of the day on awwwards.

Let me explain to you how juries evaluate such a clean website, where most of people would say FUCK THERE’S LOT OF WHITESPACE!

First of all, juries take into consideration 50% of the design which follows a magazine like layout. The header is so straight to the point, adding their (logo type design) NAME, Social Icons, We are statement & 3 words menu.

Here the proverb comes “Less Is More”.

Don’t you agree that a 3 years old child would understand what Pollen is?!

Second, the word WORK in black, is so leading telling you scroll dumb! Here where the 15% are completed on juries’ evaluation’s system, using large appealing visuals, describing their work in a very simple way, with title for each.

Third, creativity, black&white images on white space background is the most clean visual to look at, they made a rollover effect (colored overlay) to make users feel an attractive interaction.

Now go to Profile and see the sans-serif font used, making the layout so neat & easy to read. Anchor automatic scroll when selecting Contact. 10% is now accomplished for their content.

Making them an awarded agency, using the most simple features, artful white space and baby UX elements.

That’s what we call TRENDY / MODERN website design. Respect standards, respect art & don’t mess the web anymore like THIS!


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  1. “Clean Magazine Like Website Feshil Expression”
    truly enables me imagine a tiny bit further. I really enjoyed each and
    every single piece of this blog post. Thanks for your time ,Ralf

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