The F’ART’ of iOS User Experience Design

Lately we’re seeing thousands of iPhone apps on the store. Apple has published a bible for designers, iOS Human Interface Guidelines to follow & create useful attractive apps, whereas most of the companies are not.

Most popular mistakes:

  1. Over-blown visuals.
  2. Neglecting technological limitations, such as slow Internet connection, slow processors and single-threaded OS architectures.
  3. Confusing navigation (flow, layout and taxonomy).
  4. Confusing the iPhone with a computer. Neglecting to use new iPhone interactions (fingers instead of the mouse; multi-touch gestures; turn, tilt and rotate) and technological features such as phone functions, built-in GPS and accelerometer.
  5. Disregard of context. A lack of understanding of how, when, where and why the mobile device is being used.

For example Beiruting iPhone app designed by apps2you

Its like throwing a website into an iPhone, using an overblown photo manipulation on splash screen & using large icons with the same PURPLE color of the header, which causes focus confusion through content. And why would the Apple gestures be that much overused???

Shake to see our hot offers, is that to make the app more interactive so users would keep it on installed on their devices?

Adding Hot Offers button on the menu with very simple visually talkative icon would be more engaging and consistent to users. The small font PARAGRAPH on the splash screen is not suitable at all, for God’s Sake its named SPLASH 3 seconds & will disappear, how come I will read beiruting who we are in a blast????

Sure now you are saying: “but Apple accepted this to be on the store”, people give me a break, how many users will keep such an app on their iPhone? New trends, new designs, feasible gestures, simple UX this what makes an app successful!

In the contrary, Snapguide one of the latest awarded apps, its a tool to make and share great looking guides. Sounds complicated thing to do, yeah definitely. Sharing how you draw a sculpture of Einstein for example, imagine putting it step by step + adding visuals. However, the creators are so genius, creative, UX masters & simple. Take a look at some screenshots or download it here to experience the easy to share your most complicated guide.

I recommend you read this useful article “9 useful steps toward designing an iPhone app” and never make such mistakes in your life!



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