Who Is Behind The Design Of Instagram?

Instagram is the most popular app on store. People are going crazy about it, taking stunning photos & adding those retro, vignette effects on them & getting back to the 70’s. The app had successful achievements, reaching more than 50 million users. Making facebook propose 1 billion dollars to get it into their pockets.

Most of you have used Instagram, seen that simple user interface, forms, log in screens, sharing, etc. Maybe its the most simplest app till now & the richest as well. Now who is behind those secrets?

Tim Van Damme, he introduces himself as Pixel Fucker at Instagram, which is literally true!

Tim came with a very attractive, easy way to explore either users or hash tags on instagram (check it) here, his idea was truly perfect, since iPhone estate is smaller than any laptop screen, he decided to design a form with Search Bar, while adding two buttons in the bottom “Tags” & “People” to make exploring easier, faster and simpler to get. Such UX is a master piece of art, genius. This what makes Instagram popular, the attention to details.

Look at this now, babysteps as he calls it, 5 clean icons, visually understood without adding any text to define them. He designed a “Home” icon just like any kinder garden child would do, this what Steve Jobs said to his team once “Maybe we should get a first-grader to write it! (mac manual)”



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