Misunderstanding of Full Size Background Websites

Late 2009 web design has showed a trendy theme that most designers followed & made huge success.

“Full Size Background Image Websites” here are some examples of most inspiring designs.

Unfortunately most of the developers have misunderstood this technique, falling into problems, like fluid designs, slow to load, SEO problems, content distraction, image optimization and centered seamless edged background images.

As you can see from the examples, its a really engaging technique that beautifies the web, attract visitors visually to interact and stays longer on your websites.

Out of the sudden, I discovered a website WOKBOX by Wonder Eight a Lebanese design studio.

Here is the thing, first of all the background image (colors, theme, flat angle shot) is so distracting since it has the same theme of the front content, making it a part of them instead of standing out as a BACKGROUND.

Solution: Taking a different angle shot of the plate, restaurant, outdoor logo whatever & make it a bit BOX BLUR for users to read the content easily. This what W3C standards consist of: VISIBILITY & USABILITY! & I would really suggest to have the BG fixed with scrollable content, unless the background image has a story to tell, not “plate of flame”.

Second, if the brand asked us to follow their guidelines, it doesn’t mean to overuse their color palette, this WOKBOX as I can conclude, has red & yellow walls restaurant.

Low opacity overlay boxes: Once you start exploring the website, most of the boxes are black with low opacity, till you reach TYPES OF NOODLES, with white box, fully distracting.

The most confusing thing is that if you minimize your browser screen manually, the only thing that is fluid is the background, keeping the content fixed. HOW THE HECK CAN I READ THEN if I have a smaller screen?

Few solutions has been featured here to make this technique better.

And please make sure to visit this website food & beverage industry like wokbox, see the difference & what makes agencies to be named AWARDED.


Thank you for your time.


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