Jessica Walsh Draws Happy Facial Expressions in Beirut

While walking in the streets of Beirut attractive & engaging visual campaigns attracts you, they look so different & unique than other Lebanese Ads, just stunning & award winning creative direction. There’s modern art in those ads, message to say, meanings & fashion suicidal ideas that makes you really curious about the brand & its designer.

Since i’m on the creative community, Behance since long & subscriber in Computer Arts, I had the chance to find Jessica Walsh the creator of Aizone Campaigns. And now i’m a big fan of her work specially after she collaborated with Sagmeister, their works are gonna invade the whole industry now! Photo makers, trendy visual designs, engaging & interactive ads, catching book designs and more.

Check them out here!

Who is Jessica Walsh?

Jessica Walsh

Jessica Walsh is a multidisciplinary designer living and working in NYC. Her work has been featured in numerous magazinesand books, and won design awards from the Type Directors Club, Art Directors Club, SPD, Print, Graphis, among others. Shehas been named Computer Arts magazines “Top Rising Star in Design”, an Art Directors Club “Young Gun”, and Print
Magazines “New Visual Artist”. She has worked with studios such as Sagmeister Inc, Pentagram Design and Print Magazine, and freelances for a variety of clients such as the The New York Times, AIGA, Computer Arts & I.D. Magazine, and Technology Review. When not doing design, she can be found playing with her dog momo, eating avacados, or doing yoga.

Aizone FW12 Campaign







Okay very nice visuals, professional photo shoots, awesome photo manipulations, creative typography & one common thing that put them altogether is FASHION. I’m amazed to be honest, happily engaged with the details & combination of design & art at the same time.

But I have one concern, I’m so sure that here in Beirut, there are serious underground designers that need a lift to show their crazy artworks, so why such brands don’t take a look at them instead of hiring New Yorkie? (with respect to Jessica Walsh) but everywhere there is talented, creative, genius and passionate designers.

Share your thoughts, thank you for reading.


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