Simple UX Move on FWA

FWA has added new award to their system The Cutting Edge Award.

Adobe is committed to moving the web forward. Through work with the community to innovate the graphical capabilities of the web, contributions to community projects and essential tools and services, Adobe is making it easier for web designers and developers to express themselves and create the next generation of web experiences. So once a week Adobe will The Cutting Edge award to the project that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

So to make the long story short, few tweaks are done on website to add the new award, how did they do that?

Before they had two awards to feature in the footer, MOBILE OF THE DAY & FWA PHOTO to the right. To its left FWAwebTV was featured with large screenshot related to the reel.

The smart UX design move was, adding FWAwebTV to the right panel, half thumbnail showed, when you rollover it, the complete thumb will be displayed. Go now to and experience it!








It seems simple move to you but let’s be realistic, it saves them new space, nothing changed in the website’s structure, the new Cutting Edge Award is now shown clearly & attracts visitors as its new to FWA (objective achieved), as well as now the three FWAs elements looks more consistent being on the same panel.

Thank you for reading, would love to know more about such ATTENTION TO DETAILS IN UX DESIGNS.


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