5 Ways To Think As A Creative Designer

Design as per later studies showed that it is 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration. Most of the designers either interior, web, architect, book or product, they all get inspiration from several resources everyday to keep their creative talent satisfied.

A very little inspiration thing can turn on your right side brain, that may result in a huge famous & successful piece of art.

But how shall you as Creative Designer take things from scratch?

Grab Client’s Requirements

Usually when a client need a website or a interior house design, this means they want to solve a problem. As a designer while meeting the client, a survey shall be answered by the client about his problem & what does he/she want to solve. This would help a lot to do your research successfully.

Research Research Research

After having a set of answers, there goes your research. Journals, books, blogs, creative communities are all available anywhere around us. Here the inspiration takes role without you noticing. Focus on specific topic related to the client’s objectives and search for existing competitor’s solutions, to make yours ROCK. As well as, looking through award winning projects that highlight your skills for better end result.

Don’t Chase The Big Idea

As John Hegarty says in his book Hegarty On Advertising:

Creativity isn’t a process, advertising is a process.

He continue to explain: “Process is trying to make order out of chaos. Creativity is trying to make chaos to create order. They are at opposite ends of a spectrum.” So what can you undestand from that, is never sit down & start pushing your imagination to the limits, just keep a small cell in your sick brain standby and the idea will come along while shitting, running, reading or even while walking your dog.

Start Scratching

The idea hit your mind, now go ahead, grab your sketch book & start your first drafts, when you translate the idea on papers it will be more clear to you, it will expand & you can make it even better & better. But never feel demotivated if you couldn’t explain it well, instead go again & inspire yourself with some music or release your thoughts with a movie then get back to your black pencil.
Be Famous Not Greedy
Every designer is living for one common reason, to create a one big booming award winning project that makes him/her famous to make them more motivated and achieve harder challenges in their industry. So you as creative designer, leave the financial issues aside, think well of the project you’re handling and the wide scope of it. If you got the chance to design an iPhone app for Adidas with very cheap prices or charity cause, then fuck it, go & start crafting! This free thing will bring you millions.


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