You Own Data? You Own The World

The marketing industry has different channels and sources of profit. Several marketing campaigns since centuries had large impact on customers and paid back the brands really well.

Our era has changed, the Digital Media has come into our world, with thousands of ideas, mediums and technologies to help the marketing science evolve.

When the first online websites was published 20 years ago, people were aware of the importance of internet and how fast can anyone communicate a message, until in 1994 the modern blogs started to rise, writing about interesting topics and driving traffic was the most engaging key factor to keep bloggers active. In October 2000 Google released adwords where bloggers can add on their blogs to earn money from clicks and views.

At that stage, genius folks understood the idea of earning money online, blogs went through a freezing margin, since a new topic arises, creating news and events websites to drive local traffic then sell online banners to brands and sponsors. Social media websites that requires Registration in order to store a large database of people which helps the creators to pitch on brands to advertise on their online pages, has actually started in 1997 with In 2003 mySpace was launched, to get Mark Zuckerberg in February, 4, 2004 on the scene to launch the largest social network, facebook was smart giving users the chance to share their status, photos and events they are attending, this helped facebook to get millions of users in no time and started selling ads that has large impact on online visitors & exposure for brands worldwide.

My message from this article starts here.

The iPhone is the most intelligent daily device we have in hands meantime, apps from games to social to business to educational are all a must-have tools in our daily life and usage.

As for any business, evolution is required, after creating Flashlights and Angry Birds, entrepreneurs and marketers thought of innovating the app business and bringing real lifestyles to our iPhones, like Instagram, Vine, RunKeeper and others. The main key factor of these apps is to store as much users as possible, making Facebook acquires Instagram at 1 billion dollar, in order to have all Instausers in their database. Rumors now says, Instagram are going to start in-app ads to earn money after several years of hard work.

As a conclusion, earning money started by Google ads, online banners, online ads on social networks and now in app-ads, all of these comes under one category : DATABASE.

We as social users or online surfers are helping online entrepreneurs to earn huge profit by being active socially and interacting with others.

What I want to reach from my article, is that now the new thoughts of earning money from the digital media is going to change, and it will be focusing on data as well but not as users, it will be about the Activities & Interests users are going through.

I will not explain more, you will see it coming so soon & thanks for AchieveMint for inspiring me to wrIte this article, this startup has got it right.


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