Consider The Storm Before Kicking a Startup.

What the movie “The Perfect Storm” has taught me.

As any creative designer, art director or creative technologist, I have the enthusiasm to innovate something that may help the world change in thinking. Either by designing a website, product or creating an app.

We are witnessing thousands of startups daily. People from different backgrounds, are going crazy about creating new social or tool apps.

I have an idea notebook, full of different thoughts, which makes me confused which one to start first, knowing that it requires financial and time investment, and most of all,half the planet are thinking of new innovations. So may my idea boom or just be a waste of time.

I’ve seen the adventurous dramatic movie, The Perfect Storm , which enlightened blind decision leads in my head.

What you have to consider before taking any decision?

The Perfect Storm, movie about a bunch of solid fishermen was sailing in the deep ocean for a big catch, leaving them dead and lost in a sea hurricane.

Measure the risks

Before the crew went on board that day, people were talking about unexpected storms in the island they’re heading to. Bobby was told by his girlfriend, that she has a bad feeling towards this expedition, but he didn’t listen and promised to be the last hunt, since he is desperate for money to make their living.

Your idea may sound awesome and it may get you billions, but think of different aspects of risks that may occur. The time, money and passion you will spend must be considered, an intensive research is required to study the industry needs and look forward how you will change part of it by developing a successful product.

Think of other competitors. Follow up with technology, so your app won’t be an old trend while releasing. Be innovative and simple.

Don’t fall for treasure

They head to Flemish Cap, where their luck reached its peak. Lot of fish made them more excited and ready for more. Unfortunately, the ice machine breaks, so to sell their catch, they had two options either they sail back shore facing a a building storm or just wait it out to calm. The second option wasn’t their favorite, the catch will spoil so they decided to risk the storm, which they didn’t survive.

Okay I understand that hard efforts and treasure in hand makes us take tough decisions to face storms and wavy paths, but you are the one who make the treasure, so your lives counts.

You may see Facebook acquiring Instagram for 1 billion dollars which is awesome and world changing. This is the case for Summly and Pulse as well. So you have to appreciate your efforts, time, skills and overnights spent to make your product successful.

Think of your beloved ones

Bobby is in real love with his new girlfriend, Chris. She had a bad feeling about the trip, spending her time decorating a new apartment she rented as a surprise for Bobby to symbolize her commitment. But the captain took the crew’s minds out & they just thought to get the trip moving and earn a serious catch.

Whatever you do for living, if you don’t love it you won’t nail it for being successful. You must be in love with your idea, passionate about it, as if its your baby. Raise it and develop it with care. You have to think of the users you are targeting, put yourself in their shoes, while using your product. If you don’t love your own idea then people will surely not as well. Concentrate, research, fill gaps, put all your knowledge, give it time, respect other opinions, think of it daily to improve it.

Trust your partners in fishing

While sailing, the crew faced lot of troubles. Murph fell into the sea and Sully the only person who has antagonistic relationship with him, jumped first to save his life. All the crew trusted Billy, the captain. They believed that Gloucester fishermen never fails. They worked as one team spirit believing in one vision: “Precious Catch” that will help make their dreams true back home.

To get your startup ready, you need a skillful team and maybe visionary partners to help your idea succeed. Knowing who to join your crew is essential. Those folks must be ready to help build your product, motivational, highly skilled, passionate about technology & design, dream believers and most of all trust your vision.

Yesterday, today and everyday I’m seeing incredible ideas worldwide, successful startups gaining the attention of big companies like Google, Facebook and others. Let tomorrow be yours, if you have an idea that simplifies people lives, then just go for it, believe in it and damn let the world speaks for you.



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