Stay in style

Stay in style.

Your style let you stand out, not trends.


Computer arts called me a designer who applies bohemian and funky styles to my designs, either web, mobile or just an abstract illustration.

I’m proud of having such personality even if it won’t goes with Flat design or simplicity, I can still find a way to blend it for better visual designs.

The word Trend according to the dictionary means: “a general direction in which something is developing or changing” this can be applied to fashion, technology and of course digital design.

But shall this change your Personality as well ?

The industry of web and mobile design is running in a very fast pace, new trends in technology either devices or languages like html5 & css3, leave us lot of possibilities to explore and come up with new interaction designs. Designers always think out of the box and want to stand out with their styles & designs, creating outstanding layouts or mobile gestures to make their product unique & successful.

So both design & technology goes along together to adapt innovative user experiences. The web has changed recently, according to Enfuzed, the most popular trends in the web now are Responsive Design, Metro (windows 8 style), Infinite Scrolling (fixed header), Single Page & Large Image Backgrounds. Awwwards is featuring such trends daily, which let me stop and write this article, where seeing more than 90% of the designs almost the same. Or on Land Book, most websites has same look, same feel, same interactions..

Each and every designer has his/her own style, personality & vision. Each one comes from a different background, inspired by their cities and different lifestyles around them. I love how Eric Hoffman keeps his style when it comes to iOS apps, all his designs has the same feel, light fonts, blurry backgrounds & warm colors making him stand out in the community of designers. His last work on Dribbble Ringtones as he stated, “Flat is nice and all, but I still like a little lift here and there“.

This shows how Eric, followed the trend, but never changed his style, he keep adding his personality in the designs he craft.

Following the trend is a must without saying, we all must stay up to date, it gives your designs a lift and let you have a remarkable position in the industry, but changing your style for it, that’s a disaster. All our designs will look the same if we don’t leave our personal touch in them.

Imagine, designing a single page website with flat feel, but adding custom UIs that reflects your personality, and if people love it, you will be trend setter then ,instead of just a trend follower.

The most inspiring designers in our community (at least for me) from Dann Petty to Eric Hoffman to Luke Beard toTobias van Schneider or Tim Van Damme and more.. these are trend setters each one of them has his own style. This what make their products stand out and leave us look thoroughly at each & every detail they craft.

It is just like fashion, when there is a trend, you follow it but if you don’t leave your personal taste, then you’ll see people around you all wearing the same outfit. Same applies to design, put your personal taste, add your thoughts into that design, if you are a messy person its okay, add custom interactions make them fun & usable, blend them with latest trends, and you’ll stand out.

As long as your designs are covering all usability & visibility standards then you are free to manipulate the UI as you wish. I’m wondering what will come after Flat Design, where are we heading? Here comes your role, in setting trends by using what’s new & add your style to it.

As a conclusion, I believe in the following 4 points while designing:

Enroll your personality and thoughts in your designs

Trends are here to keep us all in one direction

But Do not let them change your style

Usability & visibility must be high priority in any trend change

Fashion fades, only style remians the same



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